One example about this freedom aspect:

The #Signal Android app as distributed by OpenWhisperSystems contains nonfree libraries by google so is in essence nonfree.

In addition OWS forbids anyone else distributing a Signal client which removes these dependencies, threatening legal action (with Trademark Law, etc.).
The remaining options are:

* Maintain and build a fork for yourself
* Rely on one of the projects that ignore Moxie's threats and distribute a free version of signal anyway.

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If you care about freedom, you shouldn't use #Signal. If you care about security it might still be your best bet, though take a look at briar it might (even better) cover your needs in that case:

Here's two articles which together shine a pretty good light why I don't consider a useful option:



Third-world countries' people have a reason to not get vaccinated: they don't trust their regime.

What's your excuse?

So WhatsApp is really worried. Millions of its users are moving out ans they are facing lots of questions from others about privacy.

However, we should work hard to attract people to decentralized secure messaging. We shouldn't encourage people to go from one centralized messenger to another.

I know Signal is secure and those are good people behind it but still not qualified enough.

My problems with Signal are that they're not on @fdroidorg and they're not decentralized.

I'm considering muting the words Signal and Telegram. It just makes me sad to see all the people go from one centralized non-free place to another centralized non-free place, while they're thinking it's a good thing.

Trying to explain and educate them about ethical options, feels as fruitless as emptying the ocean with a spoon.

left or not, I dont support fascists and I certainly will never use an app associated with them. with that said, I dont have a clue about who the team behind session/loki are. I for sure prefer a self hosted xmpp server to session/signal/what ever anyway

Can you guys bring me some notes/sources about the relation of Session messenger (developers) and fascism? I remember them exist but I can't find them.

So, I'll block you in a second if you're a fascist and I know it.

If I don't know, you better watch your ass. I'll end up blocking you sooner or later. 👀

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I love this shanty by @akareilly! 🎶 🌊 ⚓

To my hoodah, Likedeelers! ☠️ 🚢 😎

(Captions by @TartanLlama)
#infosec #antifa #shanty

Damn Signal doesn't publish its app on @fdroidorg. Google Play Store is a no-go.

A bit from history: KKK endorsed the Bully (Trump).

Blocking instances because they are free speech zone is wrong but if users of those instances harras other people on other instances and they don't face anything, that is wrong too.

I don't block you because you allow your users to speak freely but if you let them harras other people, being blocked is least you deserve.

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