I know, I know! directors organize (e.g. hate letters) people to cancel leaders who stand in the way of foundation's ad-vice sponsors' wet dreams

The best option is obviously an .onion site but since most people are not even familiar with Tor, then I should consider clearnet too.

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I'll keep my .com domain and redirect it to .ch. Or maybe I keep my website accessible from both domains. I don't know.

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Since a long time ago, I'm thinking about switching my domain to .ch instead of .com simply because I don't like USA's authorization over my domain.

If y'all against talkin' reparation then I'm not against the thought of separation

While the politicians that are white and privileged

Ask how is this different from segregation, that's funny bro

Segregation is bein' told where I'm gonna go

Separation is bein' woke and goin' wherever I wanna go

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Y'all call this fame, I call this shit alcoholistic infamy

Targettin' my kids and babies through population and gun control

Shit make me wanna make a hunnid more

Make a bigot racist uncomfortable

What do you call it or think is the correct term?

@arh This is interesting. I like the principle of the idea. People tend to idolize those with power and the oppressors, rather than those who were oppressed. The oppressed made the oppressors who they were, they gave them their power and influence, yet they are less-respected or even ignored.
Why are people like this?

But still the weirdest thing for me is to how we require people to vote whether two people can marry each other or not. And finally we legalize that, and call it privilege. Like if they have something more than others.

Conservatives are against abortion. I say let's make people gay, they're the ones guaranteeing no abortion at all.

[Persian Toot]
امروز روز ملی بزرگداشت حکیم ابوالقاسم توسی معروف به فردوسیه. امروز کمی فردوسی بخونید و با زبان و ادب فارسی بیشتر آشنا بشید.

I don't condemn people because their ancestors enslaved people, but if you're proud of what your ancestors did, if you want that history to be alive, then let's make it correct.

Let's make you slaves so you can be reminded of that history very accurately.

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