Rules on making a computer program:

1) Don't use fucking Electron

I also don't like electron apps. I try to use native apps/clients as much as possible.

@arh I won't fight you but you're not going to convince me to leave VSCode😂

@arh What do you use? (If it's a terminal text editor I already use vim unless it's a big project, and for that I use VSCode).

@christopherkapic @arh I don't use VS Code because it's a Microsoft product (and their binary releases include a ton of tracking components that aren't part of the public repo), but the biggest bonus of that is not having to deal with Electron bullshit.

#Emacs also has much much higher quality packages and the sense of "just werks" happens wayy more often then when I use any other webshit text editor.

@arh My old thinkpad cries every time I have to open an Electron app :pepeW:

Why not wrap a 30K app in 80MB of warm ooze?😉

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