Conservatives be like: I'm not over one individual black dude killing a white person 2 years ago but you should be over hundreds of years of slavery and an ongoing systemic discrimination because I'm not comfortable with it.

Nah bitch it's not over. As long as there's discrimination, as long as even a single person gets offended because of person's skin color and/or race, it's not over.

It's either full complete justice, equality, and equity, or no peace at all. If there's even one person facing discrimination, even a single one, it's not over.

@arh This is more accurate of boomer conservatives on #FaceBook but it’s a big issue on the right that sadly drifts even onto the #Fediverse sometimes too

@arh (Not saying I’m agreeing with you that there’s systemic racism in America, or anti-black racism, anyways)

@realcaseyrollins I published an article explaining what is systemic racism and how it's affecting people on my blog few days ago. Check that.

@arh The green-lining section is accurate, however the implicit bias point you made was never proven in the article. It seems that you conflated disparities with discrimination

@arh Precisely, as the blog post only cited a disparity, not actual discrimination.

It also failed to define what a “white-sounding” name is, so there’s that too…

@realcaseyrollins I think it is very obvious and any person who lives in a society is aware of that. A person who can use internet and read a blog post knows what are those and is very informed of the logic/reason behind it.

@arh So how did the study define “white-sounding names”?

@arh Loose definitions work in society but not in a scientific study is all I’m saying, so they needed to have well-defined parameters in order to perform it properly

@realcaseyrollins well it is a blog post for society, not sociologists. I didn't write an ISI article, I wrote a common sense blog post.

@arh Is there a link between disparity and discrimination that you forgot to mention in the article?

@realcaseyrollins no. I think I explained well how it started and how the discrimination (not treating blacks same as whites and denying giving black people services/loans) began.

@arh Well yes, that part was excellent. But in your second part, you failed to explain why the study results demonstrated evidence of systemic racism

@realcaseyrollins there are examples of them in the post so I don't know what exactly do you expect. If you simply don't want to accept this, just say so. Don't act like you don't understand common sense cuz I believe you are in fact an intellect.

@arh An intellect? I appreciate that tbh 🙂

My point is that people with “black-sounding” names not getting as many jobs as people with “white-sounding” names isn’t proof of racism since we, as readers of your article, do not know why they were denied the jobs. Thus, disparity was demonstrated, but not discrimination.

@arh Of course I don’t know, the answer was never provided

@realcaseyrollins @arh It said that both applicants had identical resumes IIRC. It’s hard to see, given that, what the reason for the disparity might be other than racism.

@Hyolobrika @arh Ah, that is a fair point, I suppose. I had overlooked that, my bad.

@realcaseyrollins wait. So you're telling me if you hear "Jamal" and "Kevin", you can't guess who is white? Or between Shaquile and Rushanda and Robert, you can't guess which is white?

@realcaseyrollins I can't deny that there are very intellectual nice people who are doing what they believe is right and are truly good people but what I see in most conservatives is not that. Sadly, it's true between all ideologies, not only conservatives.

@arh You are probably looking at the wrong conservatives if you see this in most of them

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