The Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE Covid-19 vaccine appeared to stop the vast majority of recipients in Israel becoming infected, providing the first real-world indication that the immunization will curb transmission of the .

@arh You are a shill for a killing injection that doesn't even qualify as vaccine.

Shame on you. Big karma, I hope it comes back to you quickly.
@arh Some studies, some scientists.

You're appeal to authority only makes of yourself a total NPC clown. Don't be that. Use your critical thinking, ask yourself why authorities would NOT lie now, when they always lied to us?

You're = you are
Your = belonging to you

Are you seriously calling an anarchist, appealing to authority? LOL.

I don't take authority's word, I take scientists' studies and scientific work.

@arh Some scientists, some studies, some scientific work.
Real scientists know that it's all bullshit.
Fauci is a joke, Biden is a joke, the isreali government is a joke. They are literally killing people.
Organize by "DIED" = Y

@mystik uhhh, now I understand. Those who you don't like are not real and are jokes. OK. Good.

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