Telegram is down again but @matrix works, you know why? Because on Matrix we don't rely on one server. Matrix is decentralized and federated so even if one instance goes down, only few users will be affected, not all of Matrix users.

@arh @matrix the same effect with mastodon and Twitter. #fediverse rocks 💪

@arh @matrix What percent of Matrix users are on the default server?

@eric @arh we estimate about 30% on the original server which element defaults to, but that number is dropping constantly.

As a person who recently gave up trying to run a matrix server for friends, my instinct is that number is WAY off for users that are not a part of some large org rollout.

@eric @arh

@matrix @eric @arh
Users need someone they trust who:
+ Is willing to pay ~$3 dollars per user per month
+ Is technical enough to setup a domain+hosting+extras
+ Has the time to do: maintenance, upgrades, backups

Even if a user has an admin who will do all of that, and are given clear instructions about how to sign-up.... Most of the time users accidentally sign up for as it's the default.

@matrix @arh @eric @awaspnest Why did you give up? I run mine on a @yunohost instance so management and installation is not to difficult.

Lots of issues, but the main one turned out to be server costs–Synapse loves it's RAM. If I could have self hosted, I could have saved some money (at the expense of poorer service quality). I ran it for about a year, but it never really gained traction in my friend group (though I did try).
@yunohost @matrix @arh @eric

I think if it provided anything besides an ideological advantage (like if it's UI was 20% less terrible) I could have made with work but it's pretty much a worse version of most chat systems.

I say all of this with the utmost thanks to all of the hard work volunteers have put into making it. I'm not trying to be overly negative, it is just hard to compete with Signal/Email/XMPP/IRC.
@yunohost @matrix @arh @eric

The things I saw people struggling with the most on Element were:
- Groups and people being split into separate tabs
- Cross-signing, people couldn't understand why they needed to do it + how was unclear
- People signing-up with / integration was broken
- Finding other users
- Push notifications not working consistently
- Multiple chats with same person / Personal chats that include bots are suddenly "groups"

@jeroen @yunohost @arh @eric

@captain @arh @matrix and given how shit matrix servers are nobody wants to host their own

@hj @arh @matrix

my two user matrix node (synapse) eats through 6GB of RAM in a day

@captain I have a server with 6GB of RAM and I host Nextcloud, Mastodon, and Matrix with no problem.
@matrix @hj

@hj @captain @arh @matrix

Well Synapse is definitely not as lightweight as something like Prosody, but the ressource usage and performance on my Synapse server is OK.

I primarily run it for friends and myself though, it's probably only 10 people at the moment.

@hj @toromino @arh @matrix

lag: sometimes it takes a couple seconds to send a message

cpu: see attached (snapshot of weekly averages)

@captain @arh @matrix @toromino well it at least looks better than whatever the fuck was happening with diaspora* which brought my poor celeron homeserver beyond its knees. Still, 6GiB of ram for 2 users (especially if they are idle) is atrocious, my embedded celeron homeserver tops up at 8GiB because of cpu/mobo limitations. I'm not saying that everything has to be efficient but 6GiB for 2 fucking users is way tooooooo much.
@hj @arh @captain @matrix

It's using between 4 - 10% CPU on my VPS, and right now 15% memory of 8G. It's my primary means of communication, I don't really experience noticeable lag :blobfoxgoogly:
@captain @arh @hj @matrix

I just lurk in most big Matrix rooms. I prefer 1v1 chats. But I am active in some of my server's rooms like

@captain yeah, not all people will go down. Maybe "few" was a wrong word but well people get the meaning.

@Micah I've run my own instance for about 2 years, and I haven't come across serious problems. Only recurring issue is that PostgreSQL fills the volume to 100% (haven't fixed that, so that's my own fault). There's not a lot of maintenance to, just an "apt update && apt upgrade" every now and then, backups are on VM level.

I admit that I don't host a lot of users, about 15 or so. Vast majority of them are non-techies, but once the cross-signing was introduced, which put an end to the "new key mess", they haven't had any problems anymore. Sure, Riot/Element is different than Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal and what-have-you, but I don't think that's more than just a bit of getting used to.
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