After looking at the costs of having someone else host my email or me getting a VPS and running it there I chose the latter. With 10+ mailboxes I could not find anyone who beat the price of a decent VPS at OVH and run iRedmail compared to O365, etc. Feels liberating to move off Exchange for good.

@arh I did. Then I went with iRedmail. Thanks for the suggestion though.

@joacim cool. I never tried iRedmail, can you explain why you chose it?

@arh It works, it's free and it's open source. Reasons enough for me.

@joacim no I meant you didn't compare them and choose one.

I'm not trying to convince you, I'm just trying to understand what you say. I thought you chose iRedmail because of some features I don't know about. I was curious.

@arh I've worked with Exchange server, Kerio Connect, Zimbra, and some others. Yes there are more features in some them compared to iRedmail but the latter has what I need and that's all I can ask for.

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