My favorite social network is all of us having our personal sites and being subscribed to each other's RSS feeds.

@arh Me too, it’s a great vision.

I wish there was something like RSS which functioned without a site; and you’d just put the files required up on a server and then it would just push it out to everybody like you’d expect.

@joerebelloharley well you can create RSS feeds/files. I know some people who only have RSS blog and their blog is not accessible on their site. Look at

@joerebelloharley What you just described is pretty much what Briar does. It does messaging but also lets you share blog posts and have forums that are totally peer to peer.

@joerebelloharley Android only at the moment though so for me it's something to keep an eye on but still way too early to be something I could really use. I like the concept though.

@joerebelloharley @arh Maybe you can use a static website generator like Hugo, which produces feeds for your content, and just refrain from uploading the HTML to your website. Assuming you're fine with writing the content in markdown originally.

@joegrimer sending email or if we want them to be public, mailing lists.

@arh I'm really annoyed that Firefox removed the RSS features.

Firefox used to automatically detect RSS and present a nice page allowed you to subscribe, with easy RSS menu readily available.

@arh Absolutely. My home is my castle. And my blog is my home. Even if your home is rented, it's still your very own place. Same with servers. Only your server/rented space is yours in terms of control.

Personal site + RSS is the king. And contact via e-mail. Just works.

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