So there's this idea that capitalist billion-dollar mega news corporations run by white people are trying to impose/push this idea that white people should matter less than black people. Good to know.

If it's true, then stop white on white crime. Let's stop that shitty troll White Lives Matter and focus on white on white crimes because it's really a crime.

And also because of this much institutional crime white people are doing (against white people), if that theory is true, I suggest sending white people to wherever they came from. Let's send them back to Europe.

@arh Yep. Race alone doesn't cute it.
Look at Commifornia. It was very white at the beginning. What happened?

Soul races are more important than physical races.

@mystik well we don't have that. Regime doesn't like that and people don't see it this way.

@arh If you look closely into someone's emotions and thoughts, you'll realize that some people are not like you.
We are a minority in this world, pal.
Souls like ours are rare.

@mystik yeah every person is very unique and that's beautiful. That's also dangerous because people try to fins similarity with each other and when that similarity is only race and/or skin color, shit becomes scary.

@arh Yes, but I mean more than that.
Completely different thinking patterns, values, time preference, etc.
Normies and NPC's are very different from us. We don't belong in this world, my friend.

@mystik I think we do belong in this world, to try to make changes. I don't believe in "human destiny or purpose" religious people teach us but I do believe we can create purpose for ourselves. The beauty of this thinking is different people with very opposite belief gather and communicate. Proof that people can find similarity other than race, color, politics, etc.

@Hyolobrika yeah and illusion and being dumb is also a thing between conservatives.

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