Someone help me, is every program made by Electron, nonfree? Why?

@vaas Electron has Chromium in it without putting Chromium's license, so it's nonfree.

@arh Google's part of chromium is BSD. There's also some other licenses involved but they're all open source.

@vaas the problem is that the license is not included there. The software should have license with it. Also Chromium has nonfree binaries.

@arh this depends on whether electron ships the plugins in chromium that are considered nonfree, ie minified js. Haven't checked the source code, but they probably don't. Electron is included in parabola Linux, so I'm guessing that's the case

@vaas yeah I've seen that but since Trisquel and Guix (which are FSF-used distros) don't support Electron in their repos, I suspect it's considered nonfree.

@arh I see, guess there's active debate then. Well, I don't use electron for anything, and gjs is available in all 3, so for a developer looking for a js gui platform, I think that's good enough even if it has to go through gobject's strange api

@hosein there's always alternatives but I have a legal question, not technical.

@arh I believe that every Electron application includes binary blobs without source. It's the same problem as Chromium.

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