People are afraid of being called a racist, not being racist.

Like, people know they're racist but they're also in denial. They get horrified when they get called a racist. They do anything to change the title of "racist" but they won't change their piece of shit attitude or garbage ideas.


If you're racist, you're racist. You can be black and racist, white racist, yellow racist, brown racist, etc.

If you're racist, you're a piece of shit.

@arh I've tried to tell white friends that I believe simply being white perpetuates a racist, class-based society and they just don't want to hear it. Very frustrating/

@evandornbusch simply by being white? I don't think so. I believe white privilege exists but being racist is not in people's DNA.

@arh I internalized that belief after reading "So You Want To Talk About Race"

@evandornbusch Interesting... if this is such, what do we do? Racism as far as I knew was based on opinions and fear of someone being different due to their skin pigmentation (which is fucking ludicrous), if you are born with white skin and don’t express racist opinions, then I see no problem. @arh

@arh people who think black peeps can't be racist have most clearly not met too many black folk lmao.

@yes black people can be racist. The thing is most black people are being oppressed a lot they don't have enough power to impose racism.

@arh racism is not about power it's about race.
@arh you can be racist and also powerless. there is no overlap at all. to conflate power and racism is a thing only privileged white people have the time or inclination to do.

@yes no you're wrong. A racist person without any power has no value for conversation about racism. When we talk about racism, we're talking about its impact on people so power is important.

@arh i can see someone who only thinks about power thinks this, thankfully everyone living in reality sees through this cult religion.
@arh your creepy new age religon makes healing the racial divide impossible, you're in a cult. wake up.

@yes who the fuck are you? :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

How old are you? :)))))))))))))))))

@arh you "don't care" but your desire to know more says otherwise. you are in a death cult and you know it deep down inside that something is fucked but you simply don't want to admit it.

@yes I'm not sure you're trolling or being serious but this is the dumbest fucked up thing I've ever heard.

@yes @arh and they're being somewhat racist themselves. Though honestly, I believe everyone, or nearly everyone, has some kinda rascism about them. Human pattern-finding and preference for the familiar seem a bit too deep-rooted for things to be otherwise. The goal, in my perspective, is not to purge oneself of prejudice. I believe the only road to this to be lobotomy. The goal is to mitigate them, so that one may judge individuals by their individual merits, to recognize where they lie so you can act in spite of them rather than being blindly influenced by them.

@arh You’re right, and many people seem to not realise that the door on racism can swing all ways, just rarely ever does due to it requirement for power to be enforced.

@joerebelloharley the idea that someone is better than others can be held by many people but that's not the case. When we talk about racism, we're talking about the impact it has on people, not simply what someone may feel or believe.

Racism needs power to be imposed. A powerless person can't be racist, no matter how bigoted perse's ideas are.

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