10 out of 13 members of the steering committee work either for
American corporations, their subsidiaries, or an American
university. Interesting, huh?


This is the current Steering Committee, by affiliation:

Red Hat
Nethype GmbH
Red Hat
Red Hat
Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut
CodeSourcery / Mentor Graphics
OAR Corporation

@arh and then, suddenly, the KNMI, which is a weather forecast institiute. That's weird, I wouldn't expect them in that list.

@doenietzomoeilijk well that list is by affiliation, means the person who is working on is affiliated with them.


Well, it explains a lot about the current lack of transparency in the government of #GCC, doesn't it?

But if you call them out about this, they call you concern troll.

Been there, done that: gcc.gnu.org/pipermail/gcc/2021

To #US people diversity really means "all rich Americans, but hey! of different #race and #gender!"

And when it regards the right group of middle-class male US corporate guys, it stops being a problem at all.

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