My VPN expires in 24 hours and I need someone to pay bitcoin/bitcoin cash to add time to it. is heavily censored here and a VPN is essential for using it.

@Hyolobrika no I can't. Even if I could, accessing Euro/Dollar is very hard here and it's very expensive for our economy here.

@arh What's stopping you from sending the money yourself?
@arh someone from an instance you have blocked ( asks if you have tried Tor?

@arh Oh. That’s funny. I can’t see @asic’s post but I can see @selea’s when I view this thread on your instance. Did you block him individually?


I can't see asic's posts,.. probably blocked.
I dont know what I think about users that blocks the admin :Å


@selea or maybe there's a Mastodon bug? What version are you on? I'm on 3.4.1.

@Hyolobrika it is very expensive for me as economy is fucked here and sending money via post from my ciuntry to another country is impossible as government restricts it.

@arh I didn't mean sending it by mail. I meant buying the BCH or BTC locally and then sending it. Are P2P marketplaces such as LocalBitcoins or Paxful blocked in your country?

@Hyolobrika yes. Even if they weren't, I can't pay any currency but Rials and even if I could pay Rial to them, it costs me too much. Economy is fucked here.

@arh Ok. How about #Tor then? I can get bridges and unblocked download links for you. I just need you to tell me your OS.

Alternatively, there is a new alternative to Tor called #Lokinet.
@Hyolobrika @arh most censorous networks block the #Tor site so you can't directly download it. Best to download the #Brave browser, open a #Tor window in that, and use that to get the real #Tor browser. The #Brave browser is easy to fine, there are multiple sources and mirrors for it. #Tor, not so much

@realcaseyrollins @arh You can get mirrors for Tor by sending an email to It’s recommended to use the Tor Browser for Tor as it reduces fingerprinting.

@Hyolobrika @arh Ahhh interesting. I admit I did not know this lol

Also I hate email

@Hyolobrika Tor is great and I currently use it but it doesn't do the same job as a VPN with internet speed here.

@Hyolobrika yeah, using internet. Everything is blocked/censored here.

@arh But you are already using Tor for that. I meant what do you need a VPN in particular for?

@arh Your personal website is hosted in FInland and your Mastodon instance is hosted in the US, neither of which countries block internet. Are either of those on a VPS or something similar? If so, you could possibly install VPN software and connect to that, or just connect via SSH tunneling. I did something similar when I was in hospital and I didn’t want their IT staff to know what websites I was browsing. I had an always-on RPi at home and I used SSH tunnelling with it.

@Hyolobrika both are hosted by other people I trust and have limited resources and are connected to my identity.

@Hyolobrika Tor is very slow and not suitable for everyday use of web and internet.

@arh I find it ok so long as I’m not streaming video. Lokinet is supposed to be a lot faster (due to incentivised nodes). The people who made it claim it can even do VoIP. I haven’t used it so I can’t verify, sadly.

@Hyolobrika I'll try it but internet hereis different. Lot slower with lots of problems in connectivity.

Thank you brother. I think the possible way is to send bitcoin or bitcoin cash as people did for me before. My account is now expired and I'm still hoping to find someone who can pay for few months or a year.
@Hyolobrika @mullvadnet

@arh @selea @Hyolobrika @mullvadnet dude stop being poor… Surely there are some crypto exchanges accessible in your area?
@arh Are you still here? better ask for someone to share their ticket number with you. Nobody uses the full number of devices allowed.

@arh What about a free plan from ProtonVPN? maybe just for the moment.

@r_libre I've never used it but its apps are nonfree. Part of what I do with internet is to promote free (libre) software and I don't want to use proprietary software to do so, I would be a hypocrite.

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