I know, I know! directors organize (e.g. hate letters) people to cancel leaders who stand in the way of foundation's ad-vice sponsors' wet dreams

بله بله. هر نرم‌افزار آزادی مورد قبوله.

نه دیگه، باید پاک بشید از نرم‌افزار ناآزاد. قدیسی که پاک نباشه دیگه قدیس نیست که.

@werwolf I personally think PGP is correct but what you say makes sense too.

@vaas well I'm concerned about how US has authority over .com domains. This is my main concern.

اگه نود می‌فرستن رایانامه منو بذار. دمت گرم.

چرا یه چیزی توش نمی‌ذارید؟ مثلاً نشونی رایانامه و کلید PGP و این چیزا.

اتفاقاً دامنه hayati.ir رو می‌خواستم ولی یارو ۲ میلیون قیمت می‌داد منم گفتم حاضرم هیچ دامنه‌ای نداشته باشم تا این‌که ۲ میلیون پای این پول بدم.

@AliMirjamali the PirateBay case is another example. Their .se domain was still available after the founders were tried.

My choices are .ch and .se. I use Gandi so privacy guard for registration is no problem.

@evandornbusch the only one I know of is that it's not under US' authority. Dot com domains are authorized by Verisign and US' government seizes those domains very easy with a court order and Verisign cooperates with them in every case.

@AliMirjamali yeah there's other countries as well, the biggest question is whether I should move my main domain or just work on my OCD.

The best option is obviously an .onion site but since most people are not even familiar with Tor, then I should consider clearnet too.

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@vaas I mean, do you think it's a good idea to have your main domain in .ch instead of .com but keep both domains available?

What do you think in general about moving to another domain?

@AliMirjamali it's safer because .ch is administered by SWITCH Information Technology Services.

Also, when seized WikiLeaks domain, their .ch domain remained available because Swiss courts refused to vote against WikiLeaks.

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