@sneak this was before. Now Antifa does everything. Explosion? Antifa did it.

Telegram is down again but @matrix works, you know why? Because on Matrix we don't rely on one server. Matrix is decentralized and federated so even if one instance goes down, only few users will be affected, not all of Matrix users.

@chris you follow me? Cool, I'm honored. Check that blogroll I sent you may find interesting people there.

@TonyStark oh no you're anti-white. Antifa did it. Do your research. Trump was sent by Jesus to save us. Biden is a lizard eating babies in WH. Jews have space lazers and are burning forests.

There was no widespread election fraud. There never has been. The election was free and fair. Any lawsuits to the contrary were summarily thrown out of court over 60 times, even by Trump appointees.

The debate is between those who have the facts on their side and those who dwell in fantasyland.

We must pass a new Voting Rights Act and pass H.R.1/S.1. The only reason Republicans are against it is that they know fair elections will throw them out of power. #ProtectTheVote

The voting wars come to Capitol Hill: Democrats eye national elections overhaul amid GOP crackdown-

Can someone please tell me what parts of or how Dr. Seuss books are racist? I never read them so I don't know anything about them.

@anonymoose yes you're right. Thanks. But I think viruses like COVID-20 that will make you very ill very soon has very low chance of being pandemic unless it changes or we find out some people only carry it and are not sick.
@realcaseyrollins @josias

@realcaseyrollins yes. The deadlier it is, less chance it gets to be spread as those infected won't go around. Deadly in this matter means more ill, more involved/affected, not the amount of people who are dead. Deadly means how much it can destroy organs and cells in its desired environment/condition.
@freemo @josias

@josias I don't know about this but I know the higher deadly it is, the less chance it is to be a pandemic.

@realcaseyrollins no. A virus is not dead or alive. Vaccines are made by weakened viruses that are grown in a lab condition. A virus is alive when it is placed in good condition and is dead when it's placed in wrong condition. We've learned this in elementary school, what are they teaching you in USA?

About censored ones, I have no idea I've never seen any but the frontline workers in Iran and France say it's deadly, I heard them with my own ears.

@realcaseyrollins well I've never seen a medical doctor who says the COVID-19/20 are not deadly. But we've talked about this before. Being deadly does not mean everyone will die but is about how effective is a virus when it's placed in a good condition. As you probably know, unlike bacteria, viruses are not alive or dead but need to be placed in good situation to be activated.

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