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The next person who calls me conservative is going to get punched. WTF happened to the left that advocating free speech and personal liberty makes you a fucking conservative?

since 2016 (thanks to obama) in the US you cannot enforce civil liability against your staff for divulging *any* secret information (related to foreign/interstate commerce, as it's a federal law) to the police, even if there is no law being broken or underlying criminal activity. police suspicion is sufficient to render your NDA pointless.

it's getting to the point where keeping private information private is harder and harder, and will soon be illegal.

So what's the conspiracy about the NASA Mars landing between QAnon and Trump supporters?

Advice needed on Facebook alternatives for the Fedi 

@arh @FediFollows I'm a fan of Hubzilla as a Facebook alternative and I've wrote a blog about it:

You can also check out Friendica and Diaspora. I think you can follow content from Mastodon from all 3 of these. e.g. @adnan360

If jews are really that much cool and have all those space lasers and aliens and control over every single accident in the world, man I'm converting tomorrow. Praise Moses and shit.

And I definitely don't support capitalism so don't expect much here except for things you won't like.

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Why are Trump-supporters following me? I'm just against Biden, doesn't mean I'm down for your racist fascist fake prophet.

A group of friends and I have been trying to help this woman in New Orleans keep her home. If you can spare any $ I would super appreciate it. The only thing we have is each other. #mutualaid

My friends, I'm blocking your instance so it may be our last interaction. Will be happy to follow you if you ever changed your instance.

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@posrev I r thought the same way till I reached the point that no matter how big a platform is, it should not be misused under the excuse of free speech. Freedom of speech should be respected but not if it's hurting people. You're free to talk, not to harm.

Because while you're crying over losing your supremacy and while you're trying to make friends, my brothers and sisters are in the streets educating young people, they're in the streets helping black and other families to stand up and rise for their rights.

While you're trying to shut down BLM and Antifa, my people, my brothers and sisters are there to teach young kids and new families to defend themselves, to know their rights and to get strong.

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It's eating you from inside, it's killing you, but bad news dipshit, it's gonna get worse for you. It's gonna be real bad for you.

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It's eating you from inside that you no longer are superior so you do what you can do hold your better position by imposing your sick-mind racist ideas in whatever position you hold but that's gonna go away soon.

Soon, the only supremacy you have is going to be able to fuck off sooner than your friends.

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Black person: we're being oppressed.

Racist: Ohhh nooo look people this guy is anti-white.

When the hell pointing out a problem became anti-white? And why the hell do you think I have to listen to you or be respectful to you while you're insulting me and an entire race?

No bitch, the time you could ask for my paper is passed and you can't do shit about it. Now, the only thing you can do is to cry like a baby.

Also, please suggest domains to suspend/block. I don't want to hear these racists anymore.

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