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I have another theory though. I think the virus is created by North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and some other socialist countries to make people socialist or even worse, a fucking commie.

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I mean, after all we have child-eating lizards in White House and Jesus sent Trump to save us so if these can be true, Bill Gates' story is definitely true.

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I just heard an idiot claiming Bill Gates created the virus so he can vaccinate people and give people autism and also inject them with tracking chips. Yeah, that makes sense.

@realcaseyrollins @arh

and yeah, just another random fact: about 1/4 of all pregnancies end with miscarriages, and many women never even know about it, because nature is just a cruel bitch like that

pregnancy is not pretty, or "sacred", or whatever

it's survival of the fittest in a *very* hostile environment

@realcaseyrollins @arh

fetuses don't even have proper nervous system until several *months* into pregnancy

they don't feel shit

even babies who are already born have no fucking idea what is going on, they don't develop many things until several weeks later

and let me tell you a medical secret: there is a good reason why many born babies don't even get registered as alive until medics are certain that it won't drop dead

because babies die all the fucking time

safe birth is a luxury unavailable to many

having abortion is not a murder, banning abortions and shaming women for getting it is

just fucking read what is going on in Poland right now; read women's stories; read about underground abortions; read about women dying; or are you one of *those* kind people who care about something that isn't even properly alive but is cackling every time a woman dies due to an "illegal" abortion saying "that's what she deserved"?

and hey, flash news

even the most healthiest, normal, and wanted baby can suddenly kill its mother and die itself

did you fucking consider that even for a second, or are you one of those retards who think that childbirth is holy and clean by default?

against abortions? don't get one and shut up.

It's either full complete justice, equality, and equity, or no peace at all. If there's even one person facing discrimination, even a single one, it's not over.

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Nah bitch it's not over. As long as there's discrimination, as long as even a single person gets offended because of person's skin color and/or race, it's not over.

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Conservatives be like: I'm not over one individual black dude killing a white person 2 years ago but you should be over hundreds of years of slavery and an ongoing systemic discrimination because I'm not comfortable with it.

Things that should never be necessary: walking my 73 year old father through setting up credit report freezes and a fraud alert on his accounts after the state emailed him to say he had been denied unemployment (someone else used his SS#). Ugh.

Somebody remind me what happens if Corrupt Joe rapes a child?

*Removes/avoids anything racist*

Conservatives: wow! How anti-white of you.

The level of idiocy between conservatives is too high it's dangerous for all people.

And they ask for my number, operator, ans country to check and help. Not cool Signal, not cool. You supposed to be privacy-respecting.

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So I don't receive Signal's SMS or phone call for verification, and I contact their support and they tell me to install a proxy on Signal. I don't receive the SMS, nothing's wrong with my internet connection idiot.

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