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It's May First: International Workers' Day. It's not a day like other memorials, it's a day to fight bourgeoisie and unite proletariat. It's a day to fight capitalism.

Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

it's rare to see natural selection documented so assiduously by the times.

you can't fix stupid.

ps: evangelicals are a death cult.

Those who say you're going to hell but we're going to heaven, make me happy. Because they're basically saying I'm not going to the same place as them.

So apparently the term "hot ladies" is sexist now. What the hell is happening? Where did we go wrong? Where are the real feminists?

Who the hell says election in FSF should be democratic? So you mean if majority of members decide that FSF should change its mission to protect proprietary software, it should change?

What is wrong with you people? FSF is nonprofit not a government organization.

Here in south (of my country) the number of peoole getting infected with is high. Three of my friends are vaccinated (because they're medics). Now in our group of friends (7) all are infected except those wh o got vaccines. I was quarantined and not between them.

All of those who are infected are in good condition happily.

When you say bald people are attractive, you're imagining Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson... Not us.

I was searching for sports involving pool or sea so I searched for watersports and now I regret it.

So far Ubuntu 21.04 been good to me. I wonder when Trisquel upgrades to 21.04 so I can upgrade my other computers.

So it doesn't matter whether something or someone is on opposite side of my politics or likes/dislikes. When it's about software, the only thing that matters for me in that topic is that program being libre. Nothing else.

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Me being a software libre activist has nothing to do with FSF staff or Richard Stallman. I am an individual having similarities with them.

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Another example: I appreciate the work EFF does but I don't like certain behaviors they have so I don't support them financially. I am an associate member of FSF while I have some disagreements with them.

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I mean, if you ask me if it's OK to use Reddit, as a software libre activist I will tell you yeah it's OK, if you don't let it run nonfree JavaScript on your computer.

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One thing that interests me when people argue with me about my choice of software is that they think because I advocate for software libre, I won't ever use certain stuff.

For example, I know Reddit imposes surveillance on people but its legacy site doesn't run any nonfree JavaScript on my computer and there's libre clients for it, so I don't have any problem with it regarding computer user freedom.

I don't use it because of its privacy problems. Don't mix things up.

Created a Twitter account to be able to log in to some site. Testing crosspost from Mastodon to Twitter.

@arh we already have XMPP, what would be needed are better and easier clients for the average non technical user

Yes, most WordPress sites are horribly bloated. That doesn't have to be the case though. Here's how I built my own WP theme that allows my homepage to be <100kb with only 4 HTTP requests. Yes, you can make a sustainable site with WordPress.

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