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Since when injustice towards all became justice? WTF is this?

The Foundation and Announce Seven New Open Source Surveillance Projects to "Promote Racial Justice". They are asking developers and "ecosystem partners" to contribute to these projects by "adding their own diverse perspectives and expertise".

Imagine uploading yourself on a server is possible but suddenly Facebook decides your thoughts violates its terms and removes your ass from existence.

I don't know why but I'm not comfortable with my site sending request to other sites such as Gravatar or Google Fonts. I personally don't feel safe that way.

In Palestine if you're not Jewish, the Israeli regime will bulldoze your house, ban you from the rubble, and replace it with a Jewish-only neighborhood. If you say this is racist ethnic cleansing they'll say you're being anti-Semitic.

First page of the New York Times with half a million dots. One dot for every death caused by in Amerikkka.

@arh @realcaseyrollins I get frustrated a pro-lifers and pro-choicers.

The women have to live with their decison. The doctors have to live with their decision. And the baby has to live or die with their decision. Will the death happen in a gang fight at 14, or will they die in a trash can because mom couldn't take a baby home, or will they die in-utero, or will they survive to be a well-adjusted adult who contributes to society.

The religious types will say "don't let people have abortions" in one breath, and then, "well, the baby survived to childbirth, now we need to trust in god that it will get fed, and see a doctor and grow up well-adjusted". Either trust in god from the conception that the right babies will be born and live life as they were supposed to or not at all. Stop trying to legislate god's works. If god is powerful enough to feed that baby noone wanted, and get it to a doctor without insurance, and keep it out of street gangs, then he's powerful enough to prevent that baby from being aborted when it shouldn't have.

The pro-choicers will hide behind some fake facade of " its a fetus, not a human", and "its okay honey, its just a parasite, its not real, so you can just stop it now, you can't really kill anything that isn't alive". " what about rape!?", and "what if the mom is going to die". They kill by the edge-case. But ask them to tell you when its officially a baby and no longer a fetus they are always hamstrung. They can't answer the question.

It all stinks. Ethics and information are our only tools to make the world a better place. This is her choice, and her doctor's, she needs all the info, he needs all the ethics, and they both need to live with the decision they made. It will never be perfect, we will never agree, and that's OK.

The Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE Covid-19 vaccine appeared to stop the vast majority of recipients in Israel becoming infected, providing the first real-world indication that the immunization will curb transmission of the .

@arh hahahaha great answer... I fell that pleroma is a better software, but is not accessible. The interface is a mess and the configuration can be complex and confusing.

I need an anarchist community. and I mean like an actual anarchist community, not just some shitty discord place that hates on people for things they can't change.

So did Corrupt Joe throw out child cages or they're good now?

I have no interest in mining cryptocurrency so I have no horse in this race

But what's with Nvidia trying to prevent mining on their hardware? This sets a very risky precedent (already a problem on mobile) where computer hardware you've *bought and own* cannot actually be used in a way you want

This isn't like hacking the CAN bus on your vehicle to mess with the cruise control or emissions and such. This is on a desktop

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